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Hi, I'm Ula Caroto and everything I do is to have a positive impact on the world and people that live in it.

In my coaching capacity I do this by empowering my clients to accelerate their growth and amplify their impact as powerful beings, leaders and entrepreneurs.

I am an accredited transformative coach and work with people at the deep level of their inner worlds of beliefs, values and egos to help them achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and ultimately propel them to discover their true selves and thrive.

Other affiliations:

Angel Academe Member and Investor, Pilotlighter, Coralus Activator, Wealth Management Professional - Chartered FCSI

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Plane Parking

Are you at a crossroads in your life? ... Or feeling stuck?

It’s time to reconnect with your inner and outer resources, reinvigorate your awareness, and take your life and leadership to another level

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Mountain Layers

The world needs what you can offer

People's Legs Walking on Pedestrian Lane
People's Legs Walking on Pedestrian Lane

Whether at work or home, we all have busy lives

We want to achieve the best for ourselves, our loved ones, the world

But we all encounter challenges

Whether it’s not enough time, energy, resources, confidence, support – they can mount up and consume our ability to perform and enjoy life by weighing and slowing us down.

Unexamined, they can create huge problems.

Sailboat in Horizon

What if you could access just the right amount of time, energy, resources, confidence, clarity…

to help you fulfil your vision and allow the world to experience your unique contribution?

I will

help you discover the root causes of challenges, empower you to overcome any roadblocks that come your way and put you in the driving seat of your life.

We will

work on expanding your awareness, finding alignment and much more, to power you to achieve the vision of success you have for your life, family, business and professional life.

And if that vision is not clear yet, that’s ok too, I am here to help you connect with and gain clarity of a vision that is aligned with your values and heart.

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Client Testimonials

Ula’s combination of gentleness and accountability succeeded in keeping me focused on my goals

through our course of coaching sessions.

She allowed me to carry out the coaching process

at my own tempo, thus making it an enjoyable experience while, at the same time, nudging me to

stay tuned to my priorities.

I am grateful for having been able to work on my personal development with her. Her coaching has definitely contributed to my growth and has helped me realized that small changes can have a big impact.

esther gaitan-fuertes

head of digital Communications at acn international

Client Testimonials

Ula is a very sensitive as well as intuitive Transformative Coach and she is as much at ease with practical as with deeper issues. She creates a safe environment where insights can flourish. She helps you relate those insights to actions that can be taken in daily life, to bring forth the future that is meaningful to you.

Working with her on clarifying what Freedom and Prosperity mean for me, has had a great impact on how I view my life and my sense of purpose. I cannot recommend it enough!

Delphine Grandjouan

Award winning designer of couture bridal, cocktail and occasionwear

Client Testimonials

Ula has a calm to her that always makes me feel the trust and peace in our sessions. She has helped me work through topics surrounding my self-esteem and unconscious “closed doors” that she has helped me open. Together we work in partnership and trust which is all I could ask for in a coach.

Thanks for all you do and for helping me feel comfortable in my vulnerability, Ula!

Alice F.

Humanitarian Social Worker

Client Testimonials

I have found Ula's coaching hugely valuable. Ula is an excellent listener and creates a supportive and safe environment for sharing. Her perceptive questioning has really helped me clarify my thinking.

After each session with Ula I felt I had explored a different perspective on my own ideas and beliefs which has helped me make more confident decisions.

I would recommend Ula as a coach and consider myself fortunate to have been able to benefit from her expertise.

Laura McFarlane

People partner at Clarasys

Beautiful Mountain Landscape

Let's talk

If you are interested in exploring how you could access deeper self-awareness and the power to create and live your own and fulfilling definition of success and to find freedom and prosperity in all areas of your life then my coaching process could be for you.